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Justice pour Kalinka

 Dieter Krombach

Dieter Krombach was born in Dresden on May 5th 1935 and has lived in Innsbruck. He has a brother three years younger. At 27 years of age he graduates in medical studies in Frankfurt, defends a doctoral thesis then specialises in internal medicine. In 1963 he marries his first wife, Monika Hentze, 18 years old, 10 years younger than himself. She had met him at least three years before and had to have an abortion of a first child she had from him when she was 17. They have two children, Boris and Diana. According to the Hentze parents, Krombach was violent with Monika. She dies in 1969 at 24 years of age, in a matter of a few days, after being given an injection by D krombach. Yet the hospital doctor seems to have concluded that the death was due to a thrombosis caused by an over dosed contraceptive pill. It is only in 1983, with the outbreak of the Kalinka case, that Monika’s parents express their doubts as to the cause of their daughter’s death.

Kalinka Bamberski

In 1970, 9 months after Monika’s death, he marries his second wife Inge Wienroeder, she too is 10 years younger than he. After practising medicine in Zurich for 8 years, he leaves with Inge and his children for Morocco. He works in Casablanca for the general Consulate of Germany. It is there that he starts an affair with Mme Danielle Gonnin-Bamberski. Without interrupting this relationship, he goes back to Germany where he does temporary medical replacements. He divorces his second wife in 1974 and in 1977 marries his third wife D. Gonnin, again 10 years his junior. Having settled in a surgery of internal medicine and radiology in Lindau, he becomes for twenty years or so a well-known and respected doctor.

His step-daughter Kalinka dies suddenly in 1982 of an “unexplained death” according to the emergency doctor and the criminal police officer. He (Krombach) speaks of sunstroke and of a former car accident. D. Gonnin divorces Krombach in 1989 because he has affairs with a great many young teenagers. In 1992 he marries a fourth and (to this day) last wife, Elke Fröhlich, still 10 years younger then he, with whom he has a daughter Katia ( presently 19 years old in 2011). He divorces in 1995.

In 1993 he is finally charged with voluntary homicide on Kalinka Bamberski. On March 9th 1995 he is sentenced in absentia by the Paris Assize Court to15 years of imprisonment, not for homicide, but for inflicting grievous bodily harm resulting in death without intent to kill ( which is an illegal re-definition). Yet Germany refuses to extradite Krombach, who goes on living and practising medicine in Lindau.

In 1997, he recognises the rape with premeditation, in his surgery of Lindau, of a sixteen-year old girl made defenceless by means of an injection. The same year, six more complaints for sexual offences are pending against Krombach. He himself tells about the rape he committed with amused cynicism. Nevertheless he has the benefit of an amazing leniency from the judges who give him a two-year suspended prison sentence and a ban on practising his profession.

In spite of this interdiction, D Krombach does temporary medical replacements. In July 2007 he is sentenced to two years and four months of imprisonment in Coburg for fraud (28 cases) and illegal practise of medicine (19 cases). There had been accusations of sexual nature which are not taken into account. During the trial the psychiatrist describes him as a narcissistic character who thinks he is above the laws. He is released on June 2008 after 18 months in jail.

Given these autobiographic facts and with reference to the beginning of the trial which took place in Paris in March-April 2011 after his abduction en 2009, one can draw a portrait of D. Krombach.

This person knows how to seduce. He is an educated, generous charmer but also a spendthrift, show-off character, in search of risk and forbidden fruit. The word “faithfulness” obviously does not mean anything to him. He is attracted to young women even under age. He approaches them as a predator exclusively centred on his pleasure. What can be said of a young doctor who makes a 17 year-old child pregnant ? He does not hesitate to use the violence of medicines, (real violence, however concealed) , as the rape of 1997 as well as other testimonies prove it, when injections were forcedly administered. Here is another instance of this, with less serious consequences although on the same line : D. Gonnin has learnt in the course of the preliminary investigation that her husband dosed her with drugs on the days when he received his young mistress at their home. How far did he go ? The truth will not come out of his own mouth, for at the beginning of this trial Krombach appeared as a deceitful character as well as a liar (or a storyteller ?) …

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