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Justice pour Kalinka Justice pour Kalinka Justice pour Kalinka
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Justice pour Kalinka

  Why did we form an association ?

The harm is done, it is irreparable. Nothing will bring Kalinka back to life. Her murderer has been convicted.
But the culprit has not served his sentence and this impunity is a present continuation of the harm he has done. From 1982 to October 2009, D. Krombach has lived free although he was condemned. He even liked to present himself as a victim to the European Court of Human rights or to the Paris Court of Appeal.

 What do we want ?

We want justice, in the full sense of the word : the justice that restores a right, re-establishes rules, and so brings peace to the victims. To obtain “justice for Kalinka”, is to obtain :

a complete and definitive trial of D. Krombach, in his presence: D. Krombach has been sentenced in abstentia. The motive for his criminal act was not mentioned ( the material proofs of rape have disappeared ) and no attempt was made to come near the truth, to reconstitute the succession of acts and deeds, on the basis of testimonies and experts’ reports.
An impartial trial (the 1995 trial was not impartial. Law itself acknowledged this, on December 8th 2008, when it declared its nullity).
A trial resulting obviously in a sentence that will not go unheeded but that the culprit will really serve.
An acquittal or a token sentence for A. Bamberski. He takes his part of responsibility in D. Krombach’ s abduction and, by anticipation, accepts a sanction. But he denies being the person who planned and organised the abduction and claims he has no responsibility in the violence of the assault, whether it was slight or not.
Finally, the failure of 27 years of legal struggle makes understandable the desperate step taken by the honest man, the worthy man that André Bamberski has always been.

 What means can we use ?

For eight years, through various means, we have demanded the extradition of Krombach and the re-examination of his trial : letters to judicial and political French and German authorities, interviews, petitions, demonstrations etc. Now that Krombach, after his abduction, is imprisoned in France, the complete and definitive trial that we demanded is being prepared in Paris, and so is A.. Bamberski’s trial in Mulhouse.
The means we use to reach our aim is the exercising of the strongest possible pressure so that the political and judicial authorities come to know and measure in details all the wrongs that A. Bamberski has endured, and their affective consequences.
Thus we recruit members and supporters and give a maximum publicity to the progress of the case. We reply to the journalists’ inquiries, to the messages we receive, and we echo the events likely to get media coverage.
At André Bamberski’s request, the association has taken charge of the devising and distribution of a book relating the whole case from the beginning, such as he has experienced it. ”So that justice be done to you” was released in bookshops on March 11th 2010. This book signed by A. Bamberski and narrating his story in the first person, was, as is the well-established practice, written by a journalist after interviews. Its carrying out was supervised by the association all through its progress.

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