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Justice pour Kalinka Justice pour Kalinka Justice pour Kalinka
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Justice pour Kalinka

Kalinka died in 1982. A trial in absentia is held in France in 1995, after a delay of 13 years.

Two years later, the same Dr Krombach is charged with the rape, under anaesthetics, of a 16 year old patient. He is expressly identified, pleads guilty, is given a derisively suspended prison sentence of two years and is released. More complaints for rape, put by Dr Krombach’s patients, are considered a matter closed “for lack of proofs”. So, although he was sentenced in 95, the culprit has lived freely in Germany until October 2009.

Kalinka Bamberski

For at the moment, Dr Krombach is in jail in France, at Fresnes, and his trial is being prepared. This trial shall take place, providing Germany does not succeed in having him released. But A. Bamberski as well risks prosecution, in Germany and in France : He may be given years of imprisonment for abduction, confinement, assault and battery, criminal conspiracy…

André Bamberski
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