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Justice pour Kalinka Justice pour Kalinka Justice pour Kalinka
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Justice pour Kalinka

 Chronological account of events

July 10th 1982
Kalinka, 14 year-old, is staying at her remarried mother’s in Lindau, Bavaria. She dies after being administered an injection by her step-father, Dr Dieter Krombach. This cardiologist is a notable. He has worked for German embassies in various countries, Africa in particular.

July 12th 1982
An autopsy, ordered by the German judicial authorities, is carried out by Dr Höhmann, a forensic doctor of Memmingen. The police superintendent of Lindau and the Public Prosecutor of Kempten are present, and it seems that Dr Krombach was there as well. The father is alerted by the inconsistencies and lacunae of the report. The most elementary investigations have not been made. Dr Hömann finds fresh blood on the genital parts, a tear on the vulva, and whitish substances in the vagina, which he abstains from identifying by means of a cervical smear. He does not specify if Kalinka was virgin, if there was sexual intercourse. No toxicological test either. He points out a state of decay that seems surprising after two days. He does not come to any conclusion as to the cause of death, but he judges absurd the injections of various products administered by Dr Krombach in order to bring back to life a body which is already in a state of rigor mortis. Finally he has entirely removed the genital parts, without analysing them. They will never be found. The Lindau Court of Law is satisfied with this report and considers the matter closed.

From 1982 to 1984
Over these two years A. Bamberski has vainly tried to have the case re-examined. In fact Dr Krombach will never be summoned by a German judicial authority to be heard on the subject. Some German newspapers having reported on the case, the parents of Dr Krombach’s first wife, who also died of an injection administered by this doctor, lodge a complaint which will not be not dealt with.
For his part, Professor Spann of Munich Forensic Institute, asks the Kempten Prosecutor’s Office to return the missing genital parts so that he can carry out the additional examination which is assigned to him. He does not question the ambiguous answers he gets, particularly from the forensic doctor. Later on, this doctor certifies that the genital parts were put back and buried with the body.

From 1984 to 1992
André Bamberski has lodged a complaint to the Paris Court of Law. The preliminary investigation proceeds very slowly, hindered by changes of examining magistrates. Germany denies the French magistrate the right to investigate on German territory.

December 4th 1985
The exhumation of Kalinka’s body takes place in Pechbusque graveyard. It is remarkably well preserved. Doctors Bras and Alengrin, of the forensic Institute of Toulouse-Rangueil medical Faculty, establish with certainty and write several times in their report of exhumation, that all the genital parts, external and internal, were removed and kept away at the time of the first autopsy. They were not returned with the body.

July 27th 1988
A report is produced by Professors Lecomte (Director of Paris forensic Institute), Nicolas (Professor of cardiology at Nantes University Hospital), and Rudler (Scientific Laboratory of criminal investigation department). These experts emphasise the anomalies and lacunae of Dr Spann’s toxicological tests in 1983. They establish the fact that the intravenous injection of Kobalt-Ferrlecit (a product, it is to be pointed out, extremely dangerous, the extreme dangerousness of which even medical students are aware of ) took place just before the death of Kalinka, whereas Dr Krombach claims that death occurred several hours later. They declare that the injection provoked death by asphyxia (consecutive to a collapse and a convulsive cardiovascular shock). The report asserts that Kalinka was in healthy condition and rejects any other cause of decease but Dr Krombach’s injection, the only responsible fact for her death.

August 3rd 1991
Mme Foulon, an examining magistrate of the Paris Court, provides the German authorities with a very detailed account and asks them to notify Dr Krombach that she charges him with murder. Dr Krumbach objects to this magistrate that his friend Dr Loewe has expressed doubts as to the patch of skin used for the medical tests in France. An additional expert’s examination confirms the first results.

April 8th 1993
The Paris Chamber of Accusation closes the preliminary investigation and commits Dr Krombach to the Assize court for murder. The trial is postponed several times at the request of the accused.

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